Take a look inside My New-Self Journal


My New-Self App in action


First Journal-App combination

that accelerates your personal growth journey

using a "feedback loop framework".

The Journal-App combo accelerates the journey of becoming your New Self by:

Helping you get to the bottom of what is holding you back.

Keeping you emotionally connected to your desired life.

Empowering you with the systems to quickly pull you back into your vision.


Framework built on the Three Core Pillars of Personal Transformation (AWARE, ASPIRE, ACT).


Prompts to bring to your conscious awareness the knowledge of your own limiting thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors.

Practices to develop the awareness to down-regulate the negative limiting states and up-regulate the positive uplifting states.


Prompts to develop a mental, emotional and behavioral blueprint of your new self.

Practices to visualize and embody the blueprint.

3. ACT

Prompts to become planful in your approach and mindful in your daily actions.

Practices to stay on top of your tasks, including structures for repetition & habit formation.

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